Jan Manolis

Democrat Candidate for State House

Where I Come From

I was born and raised in the American West, my childhood summers in Flagstaff, Arizona and the rest in Southern California. My extensive and successful career in Information Technology reflects a long road to senior IT leadership roles, including many years with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and as Adjunct Professor at the University of La Verne. I earned dual Master's degrees in Information Technologies and Business Administration.

Issues related to care of my own family members, as well as a number of other major developments in our Nation, led me to my decision to step into the political area.


Restore Public School Funding

Arizona is last in the nation in school funding.  It's time to fund our public schools so they can succeed, and it's time to stop the profiteering by powerful interests trying to privatize our children's education.  I believe a quality public education is essential to Arizona's families and our economic future.

Expand Access to Healthcare for Families & Seniors

When I moved to Prescott with my husband, who was suffering with dementia, I learned just how difficult it is to get necessary medical services for a loved one.  Healthcare access and costs are a challenge for many Arizona families.  I believe we must find new and better ways to make quality healthcare available to everyone.

Make Arizona the Nation's Solar Capital

With over 300 sunny days a year and a drive for innovation, Arizona has the perfect recipe to become the Nation's solar powerhouse and clean energy leader.  A patch of solar panels 100 by 100 miles in Arizona could power the entire United States.  I believe a brighter future for Arizona means fully embracing solar energy. 

Increase Water Conservation & Groundwater Protection

There is not much more essential to life on the planet than water, and in Arizona, water issues are complex and challenging.  I believe there are reasonable, intelligent, and caring citizens, who want to work together with scientists, engineers, and community leaders -- across party lines -- on finding water conservation and groundwater protection solutions for everyone, for now and in the future.   

Fight for Equity for All

The women of Arizona are 50 percent of The People.  We should be half of the legislature.  I believe Arizona must ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, and enact  legislation providing for equal pay and a workplace free from harassment and discrimination.  There must continue to be protections for access to safe, affordable, and legal reproductive health services.

Protect Our Families, Homes and Communities

I have over 20 years of Law Enforcement experience working for a large County Sheriff's Department.  I stand strong for the rule of law, I honor the Second  Amendment, and I support Border security and every reasonable option to enhance community safety.

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